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Dear Dr Apsche,

I want to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your devotion to the MDT program. This program has done wonders for my family. My son came to North Spring with a huge weight on his shoulders. He had been to 3 other placements as well as detention and this was basically our last hope at him ever being able to return home to us. As a mother who loves her children more than anything in this world, I put my trust in your therapists to help me understand my son. Dr. Stern not only succeeded in this, but in teaching me the MDT, I was able to look inside myself and see where I was going wrong and things I needed to change without knowing that she was doing this. She is an amazing therapist and is a true asset to helping children.

As for the MDT...... where do I begin? There is so much this form of therapy has done for us, however, it is impossible to put it all into words. My son is now able to work through his anxiety on his own the majority of the time due to the fact that the MDT clicked for him. It let him see that he was not wrong for the way he was thinking and what he thought, but those feelings did not have to lead to negative behaviors. The way he has grown and come into his own while going through this is truly amazing. I am floored every time I see him use the MDT. MDT did not change who my son is, it changed how he viewed himself and how he handles situations that come to him. That is what makes me so thankful. I did not want a different child. I wanted my child, and that is exactly what I have. He now has so much respect for me and others but most of all for himself. He is not afraid to speak up for himself, to speak in front of people, and for the first time, he will be trying out for High School Basketball. This is not something he would have been able to do 6 months ago.

Please, for all the children out there, keep up the good work!!! MDT is truly a gift and I hope that you are able to spread this gift to more kids!!

Thank You,